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Talifar Creatures and Denizens by Scrybe
Talifar Creatures and Denizens
Top: Acrik.  Native creature living symbiotically inside caveshrooms. 

Middle Left: Lornlan.  Domesticated pack animal used as buses in urban centers.

Middle Right: An insect that provides a valuable link in the caveshroom food chain. 

Bottom: Some people Bowmark runs into in The Scarred King novel.  
Talifar Denizens by Scrybe
Talifar Denizens
Top: Goatish.  Fast, agile and extremely temperamental  

Left Middle: Mountain Man. A human evolved specifically for high altitudes

Left Bottom:  Seafolk.  A human evolved specifically for watery environment

Right Bottom: Mulig.  Slow, docile domesticated pack animals
Gupp by Scrybe


The Gupp are a Nocturnal, subterranean people.  They have a mammalian leg and arm anatomy, and generally walk on all fours.  They have a fat hump that allows them to go for a long time between meals and water.  All Gupp have a spiny, scaly underbelly that lets them climb almost any stone surface with ease, though the Warrior’s weight prevents them from much climbing.

Bound by a strict caste system, they have evolved different body types for each societal role.  There are four castes: Worker, Warrior, Nurse, and Royalty.  Only one in ten Gupp are female, and their caste is that of Nurse.  Workers are approximately human height, but more burly.  Warriors are monstrously large and instinctually fierce when any social protection is triggered.  (Such as mentioning women or children)  Nurses are fairly small with many teats for feeding nurseries.  And Royalty are the size of small adult humans, and generally stand erect.


Only the Nurse and Royalty castes are educated.  Workers and Warriors only know enough to do their jobs.  Obviously, there are no nuclear families in Gupp society.  Mating is highly organized and ritualized, serving to perpetuate the caste system.  This makes their society, religion, philosophy, moral code, etc. dramatically different than that of humans.  Many Gupp societies are propelled by the concept of a Cosmic Joker, who has hidden Nirvana somewhere underground.  

It’s not uncommon for other races take advantage of this, by directing Gupp colonies towards valuable deposits.  Then they trade the minerals and gems for paltry returns.  As the Gupp are focusing on the goal of finding paradise, the material they remove on the way is of little interest to them.  

This unique disposition makes them naturally friendly and almost pacifist since they rarely compete for resources and are more than happy to relocate to uncontested territory to further their search.

Gupp wear little or no clothing with the exception of some leather armor for the Warriors and fancy clothing for the Royalty.  Gupp Royalty (referred to as Surfacers) are not technically royal, they are simply the interface between Gupp society and the rest of the world, and they try to emulate whatever race they are working with.  This usually includes clothes, jewelry, and walking upright.  They also go to great lengths to minimize their unique Gupp features such as whiskers, climbing barbs, and fat humps.

The Royalty stay up to date and are competent in the latest technology, doing mining, smelting, leather working, etc.

Ungol by Scrybe


Ungol are anywhere from four to fifteen inches tall.  One of their special characteristics is the ability to rapidly evolve their physiology to a wide variety of environments over a small number of generations.  As a result they have a wide variety of looks.  (Like the monkey family.)  They generally look like a rabbit mixed with a monkey.  Some are hairy, some are hairless.  Some have tails and some don’t.  There are nocturnal ones with large eyes, aquatic ones with webbed feet, and a winged variety.  Some can even inflate specialized sacks with gasses for a variety of purposes.  What they all share in common are long, specialized digits with chemical excretion pores on the ends.  They grab the beast to be manipulated around the nose or mouth with these limbs while riding on the back of its head or neck.  Learning to sooth and manipulate any kind of animal takes practice and learning.  They can’t just jump on any old creature and instantly make it dance.  The secrets they learn concerning the right mixture of chemicals, appropriate doses, timing and sounds are fiercely guarded.  The last thing a village of bear-headers wants is for a competing faction to learn to control bears.


Some Ungol operate as free agents within larger societies, without their own politics or social structure.  The majority that do live in Ungol enclaves really hate the sell-outs that they see as sewer rats and slaves for other races.  Ungol have the ability to communicate well with, and influence almost every animal on Talifar.  This makes them an invaluable asset to most civilizations.  The advantages to being able to tame and control, breed, and drive away wild beasts are obvious.  Most beast riders have an Ungol or two as side-kicks.  (Unless they are riding normally docile creatures.)  In return the Ungol are usually happy to have fine foods, alcohol, and good company.  They will rarely stick around if mistreated.

Ungol can be quite dangerous as they can wield the power of many large and scary animals.  In addition to this, they can hold sway over most beings that have an intelligence of 3 or lower.  This includes the young of most sentient beings.  Other races who live near Wild Ungol enclaves try to be respectful.

Those who do live in their own communities tend to build homes in out of the way places; high in trees, underground, and even in river dams.  They build a wide range of structures.  Everything from woven straw nests, to intricate palaces of cut stone and mortar.



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